The Basics of Off Page SEO for High Website Ranking

Making an excellent SEO stage in your digital marketing is not a one-step thing; a lot needs to be done. Off page, SEO is one of those things that improve your websites visualization to the world and meeting many potential customers for your services or products. As the term suggests, off page SEO refers to the activities that you do outside that website which are meant to increase website awareness and traffic as well as improving ranking. Some of these off game SEO include the link building, social media involvement and bookmarking with social media sites.


Importance of Off Page SEO

Search Engines have been trying so hard to determine the relevance of websites to the website users. Due to this, it involved the social media involvement of websites by users to rank websites. This made the search engines to consider Facebook links of the websites, tweeter links, Google + links of the websites that users have shared and posted. The more a website is involved in social media networks, the higher the relevance and therefore the website ranks high.

Understand the Ways through Which You Can Do Link Building

Link building exposes your website to a large number of audiences. There are many ways that you can do this yourself, but when people do it for you in their sites, you get more credit than when you do it yourself. Like when people include the link of this article to their blog or website, Search engines consider this page to be so relevant. You can do link building by commenting and posting links of your website content with the comments so that when people click they are redirected back to your website. You can as well publish your articles on the article directories where you can get a link or two back to your website something that is really going to boost your traffic.

There are follow links and no-follow links which search engines use to prevent people from exchanging or selling links to each other. Make sure that you understand how to make links so that you have many votes back to your website from the search engines. You also need to understand that it is not how many links you create but rather the quality of the link. For example link from a normal blog is not worth like link from Forbes or other high authority sites.  All links should be natural to avoid getting penalized by Google or other search engines.