Successful Digital Marketing Strategy This 2017

Based on the latest research by e Marketer, the amount spent on digital advertisement will finally surpass the television ads this 2017. A total of $72 billion will be invested by the different companies on television ads and around $74 billion for the digital ads. But despite of the immense increase in investment and attention on the digital advertisement, not everyone is seeing a significant return of investment. Only a small 24% are currently happy with the state of their campaign while the other huge percentage is experiencing low return on their internet marketing.


Tips to Advance Your Digital Marketing Strategy This 2017

With the current situation of the marketer, they will require a serious optimization of their knowledge, practice and skill set regarding digital marketing.  To help you get started, we will share some essential tips to boost your campaign.


Create a Data-Driven Business Strategy

In the earlier part of this year, we have seen business adopting data-driven strategies.  It is considered as an evolutionary process in the field of marketing since it allows you to comprehend the manifested data.  You can also obtain the information that you require and organised it to attain the goal of your business. Experts believe that it will revolutionize the marketing of 2017.  That is why in order to achieve success and boost your campaign data-driven techniques should be the initial phase of your digital marketing.

Quality to Engaging Content

The SEO of 2016 is focused on creating high-quality content.  Search engine sites tend to favor articles with a higher word count.  But the changes in the algorithm during the last part of this year speak a different story.  Engaging content tends to receive a higher SERP ranking.  Getting a high level of engagement simply means that people are paying attention and spending significant amount of time to listen, read or view your content.  One of the most essential tips that will help you create engaging content it to continuously adjust your content depending on the feedback of your audience.

Use Visual Images

Crafting graphics and video content is an essential part of the digital marketing this 2017.  Next year will be about efficient storytelling and projecting the value of your service or product.  The increasing popularity of the infographic highlights the importance of visual images.  In fact, around 46% of the marketers agree that the visual content is essential to the current state of marketing. Since 96% of the content that contain images are receiving a higher amount of view and engagement.

Finally, you should also focus in creating content that are designed for mobile and handheld gadgets. By 2017, the amount of people accessing the internet through their phone will increase to 80%.  Digital marketing is all about providing the things that the audience wants in the form and way that they need.