SEO in Your Content Marketing Campaign

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has fully transformed into an automatic part of marketing in different industry; from solution providers to the professional firms.  However, companies are still struggling to use it successfully with their marketing efforts. In the last few years, SEO becomes a feasible marketing tool that accumulates valid leads and creates higher sales conversion. In fact, according to the study, SEO is 100% more effective compared to other types of traditional marketing.


Putting a Strong SEO Campaign on Your Content Marketing

SEO is not a simple process but it is also not a complicated one.  Most of the business are scared that SEO may just take a lot of their time and resources and will not produce any desirable result.  While it is pretty impossible to achieve an overnight result, there are tools that you can use that will tell you that you are doing the right SEO efforts.  Let us examine some of these tools that can lead to a fruitful SEO campaign.

Keyword Research

The basis of your content marketing campaign begins by executing a comprehensive research.  Understanding the desire and the goal of your audience affects your SEO efforts.  Keyword research can make or break all your efforts.  When determining the right key phrases that you will use in your strategy, you should consider the keyword demand in your industry. You can also learn a lot of things about your targeted audience during this phase.  Keyword searcher tool such as ahrefs will provide you with essential information such as traffic share, clicks, amount of search result, the locations and others.

Analyse Your Competitor

Having a proper tool to analyse the performance of your competitor is a crucial marketing tool.  There is also a possibility that your competitor is already examining your brand right now.  By having a comprehensive analysis of their messaging, promotion and presence, you will know which channels you need to target and how you can tailor your SEO strategy in order to increase your lead conversion.

Monitoring Social Media

There is no specific digital marketing campaign that fits the entire industry since the behaviour of the consumers is in a constant change. When you are planning about creating quality content that will boost your SEO efforts, you need to find out which type of content will make them tick. TO understand this, you will need to leverage social media.  A good monitoring tool will give you the sentiment, engagement level and activity of the audience in different channels.  It should also provide you the common topics that your audiences are writing.

Finally, you also need to amplify your content. To ensure the high visibility of your content, make sure that you are sharing content that are relevant to your audience.  Your content will remain relatively useless if it will not reach the proper audience.