Promoting your Political Candidate

Regardless if you are a newbie in the field of politics or you are a seasoned officeholder who wants to continue serving the public, your campaign official will need a strategy to increase your visibility?  There are candidates who will require a serious overhaul of their image while there are others who will need to reposition on certain policies.  But after everything has been set in place, the candidate will need to be marketed to the voters.

Effectively Marketing Your Candidate

Here are some of the effective tips on how you can market your candidate to the voters and increase their presence.

Branding Your Candidate

According to the study, each candidate only has at least 7 seconds to create a lasting impression to the voters.  Your candidate together with the branding is the initial stage of introduction.  The branding of your candidate should exude trustworthiness; it should also be easy to comprehend.  The voters should be aware about the stand of your candidate by the sheer glance on their branding.  Some of the guidelines in branding determine the proper use of advertising, logo, font and colour.  Marketing your product is like marketing a business.  The brand needs to convey the right message which means that visibility on social media, the expectation of the voters to the candidate and the physical presentation is crucial.

Create a Relatable Material

It is relatively impossible to market your candidate without the help of literature that will educate the voters.  You can use flyer, push card or brochure; they should complement the branding of your candidate, and they should convey a relatable story.  Make sure that they will provide an answer to the common who, what, where, when, why questions.  Make sure that you will create a story without sounding like you are selling the candidate.  Just like consumers, voters do not want the idea of hard-selling; they want you to convince them. Present a problem and show how a candidate will be dedicated in providing a solution to that problem.

Having an Official Site

The official site of your candidate will serve as his face in the online world.  People are basically utilising the internet for almost everything.  There is a high probability that they will search for your candidate to help them decide on the Election Day.  Make sure that the official website is professionally designed that matches the branding of your candidate.  It should also provide viable information and mobile friendly.




Finally, you should also try to be active on social media sites.  Try to post consistently on at least 2 social media sites where most of your supporters can be found.  Understand the behaviour of your audience and tailor your strategy based on their actions.  You can also set-up an e-mail marketing campaign.  Build your lead list by including an opt-in form in your website.  Create a schedule to send a standard blast, it is an ideal way to avoid landing on the spam folder.