How Generation Z will Reshape Marketing Strategies

Generation Z is anyone born from nineteen ninety-six up to today, and some business executives, and marketing strategists don’t understand where the cut-off is. They continue on with the adage that they are still marketing to millennials, but in reality are saying to those eighteen to twenty. Those eighteen to twenty are Gen Z, not millennials and they are more powerful and will have a greater impact on marketing strategies than their older counterparts.

Everyone thought that millennials would change the world with their e-commerce and marketing campaigns that appealed to them, but Gen Z is a whole other ball game. Generation Z is more eco-conscious and will go to the ends of the earth to bring eco-friendly innovations to light.

Gen Z has grown up in a world full of economic stress and uncertainty and is more conservative about being debt poor and will tend to save money rather than impulse buys. They are driven by the greater good of humanity, are going to possibly be the smartest generation yet and will most likely prove to be the most innovative.


Marketing Change

Marketing strategies will have to keep up with the Gen Z’ers short attention span, and they have a very distinct and sophisticated results oriented filter.  Generation Z by the year twenty-twenty will make up over forty percent of consumers, and they will require attention and engagement to get them to buy.

Different Perspective

Marketers are going to have to completely engage and approach Gen Z in a whole new way to even be noticed. Gen Z is always connected and has built huge networks of friends and relationships already. If marketers want to be found worthy, they will somehow have to worm their way into these close-knit networks to start word of mouth attention.

Online Priority

Generation Z has never known a world without the internet, so they are almost never offline. Of course, marketers know that social media is a key component for their marketing campaigns, but knowing what Gen Z is motivated by is important.

iGen or Gen Z’ers hate societal conformity, and they want to make a mark on the world in terms of making a difference. They loath traditions and build constructive values and love innovation. Marketers need to know how to tap into their psyche before diving into conventional marketing methods.

Personable Quality

Gen Z does not want to see a boring infomercial or read a product review; they want real live people they can relate to. Forget about the multiple takes for perfection just spontaneous, real and authentic.

The youngest generation has witnessed their parents in crisis with the economic collapse, loss of jobs and they are more conservative economically and require such. They will not impulse buy, but do diligent research and find the highest quality products and services first and then make a determination.

Instant gratification over quality and assurance are out for Gen Z. They are more eco-friendly and realistic with short attention spans. Genuine, honest content with authentic realism will get their attention.