Hidden College Fees You Should Know About

Getting a college education is not a cheap affair especially for students from low- income families. Student loans and grants are seen as a saving grace since they help to cater for most of the costs involving tuition and board; however, there are some other unforeseen costs that students face. These can add up to thousands per year which can be quite difficult to pay up which is why before accepting admission to any college, you need to write a checklist of any hidden costs. This will assist you to formulate a plan on how best to meet the costs.

Mandatory Orientation Fees

Right from the first day, freshmen are required to pay mandatory orientation fees that may not have been indicated in the fees structure. It may seem like a simple issue, but some universities charge up to $250 as orientation fees that they have to pay up. This can come as a shock to most students who weren’t aware of it.

Parking Fees

If you stay away from campus and you have to drive to school, you need to be aware of the parking fees which are not at all cheap. Some colleges charge up to $800 a year as parking fees and if you add this to occasional parking tickets that you may have, it may quickly turn into a small fortune you have to pay. This is why it is better to stay within or close to campus where you can simply ride a bike or walk to school.

Art or Lab Fees

Most colleges require that you attend a lab class a specified number of times in a year before you graduate; the same applies to art students. These costs may range between $20 and $100 which is not usually included in the tuition. This is a mandatory part of the education that you must consider otherwise you may have to pay more if you are not cleared to graduate.

Health Costs

If you are an out- of- state student then you need to budget for your health costs. Most state aids are not applicable once you leave the state unless it is an emergency. This will means that you may have to take up the school’s medical insurance plan or have to pay in cash which can be very straining for most students.

Damages and Maintenance Fees

Most schools will share the costs of damages among the students which may cost quite a lot. In the case of strikes and property is damaged, it is the students who will have to foot the bill for repairing that. The same applies to hostels and dorms if anything on the floor that you live breaks you will be expected to pay up to have it fixed.

A lot of the hidden costs in colleges are mandatory, and you may have to dig a bit deeper in your pocket to meet them. However, for the costs that you have the ability to default on or bargain, ensure that you have spent the least possible amount so that you can save up some money.