Current Situation of Education in Syria

It is the dream of every human that their Children may reach to an honorable position. Education is the right of every individual and no nation can develop without education but for Syrian parent it is only a dream that seems to be never fulfilled.

What about this region? Where every child is in fear and they all are busy to save their lives only rather than getting the education.

According a report, at least 5000 schools have been damaged or destroyed and remaining are occupied by military to use as shelter. More than 2 million children and youth left this country and be Refugee in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordon.

Syrian crisis education strategic papers (London 2016) states that there are 5.4 Million Children in Syria. Out of which 1.4 Million Children are refugee in 5 hosted Countries. 50% of these Refugee Children need Education Support.

As per 5 host countries, Syrian refugee children and youth has grown from just under 600 thousand in august 2013 to 1.4 million in November 2015. It is a lot of burden over five host countries who are trying to educate and facilitate Syrian children and youth. They also worried to see the less number of children enrolled in education System.

At present, more than 70% of Syrian population living below the poverty line which has resulted in child labor and early child marriage especially girls just because of war.

Before the Crisis, Syrian education System was good enough in Year 2000. The Education was free and compulsory for grade 1 to 9. In 2007 Almost 8 million students registered in different institution of Syria.

In 2014 approximately, 2.553.000 students enrolled in basic education and 2 .875.000 enrolled in secondary education. But in 2015 unfortunately 2 million Syrian children were out of school and struggling for Survival only.

We cannot Imagine there fear and pain. When they see damage schools and colleges with teary eyes and think what will be our future?  So, it becomes duty of every nation to help the Syrian people and do something for education at least, because education is only hope for them and the way to be out from this difficult situation and education is the way they can lead them to peaceful and prosperous life.

They are leading a miserable life. We all should come out front to help them in a difficult time. Our simple efforts can help them in improving their lives.