10 Free Digital Marketing Tools For Your Business To Take Off In 2017

A new year has come and with it the opportunity to start something or rethink strategies that are not giving right results or that can improve. However, without the use of digital marketing tools right, it is difficult to analyze goals and predict outcomes and take a decision.

That is, use one or more digital marketing tools is essential to their strategies in 2017. Here are some tools that can help you, and best of all, they are all free!

1.   Traffic Travis

One of the best SEO tools available in the market and totally free.

Traffic Travis offers everything you can to show the customer what it takes to get their site to the top of Google search. It also has a paid version if you want to use the tool completely, but the free function already offers enough functionality.

2.     Mailchaimp

Mailchimp is a great digital marketing tool , with it you can shoot 12,000 messages for free and also add in your trigger list 2000 new contacts per month.

3.     Google Trends

This free tool provided by Google has the ability to see the behavior of a particular keyword in relation to the searches by region of the country and by period of time.

It is possible to predict if a particular campaign will succeed and what period of the year it will have the most impact.

4.     Open Site Explorer

Domain authority is one of Google’s ranking factors and with Moz’s free tool, Open Site Explorer, you can see not only the domain authority but also which sites have links to your site.

5.     Keyword Tool

Keyword tool is ideal for anyone who wants to position the site using long tail keywords but has no ideas, just type in what word you want to use and it will give you a multitude of long tail options.

6.     Hootsuite

A great option for scheduling posts on social networks, in addition the hootsuite can monitor keywords, hashtags and mentions. Its free version allows you to manage up to 3 profiles of social networks.

7.     Free SERP checker

Want to know what position your site is in Google search without having to search everything through the browser’s anonymous toolbar? Then Free SERP checker can be the free solution of your problem.

You can simultaneously search up to 10 keywords.

8.     Trello

Another very useful tool, Trello allows the management of tasks and teams. There you can assign tasks, assign people to them, set deadlines, and attach files, allowing all information to be gathered in a single tool.

9.     Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is an excellent choice for conducting surveys and questionnaires with customers and target audiences. The free version allows you to receive up to 100 answers for searches with up to 10 questions.

10.      Google Analytics

If you still do not know Google Analytics, then stop everything you’re doing! One of the most complete free tools available in the market.

With Analytics you can view visits to your site by customizing the length of time, which pages were most accessed, the origin of hits (social networks, google, etc.) and still see in real time how many people are accessing your site and on which pages they are.

These are just ten free digital marketing tools that you should be aware of to lift up your business in 2017. Keep posted for more digital marketing tools that will interest you.